At Nelson, our mission is to provide protection and security to our clients through a bespoke service tailored to their specific needs, ultimately the safety and security of the client’s staff, premises, assets and the public is our highest priority.


At Nelson, our Corporate Social Responsibility policy refers to the company’s responsibility towards its environment and the people who coexist and work within that environment. The company’s existence is part of a much bigger system consisting of people, organizations, values and nature. Therefore, we want to give back to the community just as it gives to us in many ways.


Nelson is 100% Australian Owned and Operated

Nelson Enterprises is a registered supplier with Supply Nation that promotes indigenous business engagement and opportunities wherever possible. Nelson has the unique ability to mobilise and provide staffing solutions at any locations with our close association with various recruitment and training providers. Our leader Rick Nelson heavily invests his time in client management and retention, recruitment, training and on-going development so we can service clients with pin point professionalism, quality and consistency.

Nelson Work Health Safety & Quality Management System

At Nelson, we have a robust independently certified Quality Management System (QMS). We are also independently audited and vetted by Cm3 and our Cm3 Reg # 033840. This is to ensure clients and employees are guided by best and quality industry practises and WHS guidelines. We have a:

  • Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) System
  • Environmental Management System
  • Employee Management Policy (EEO and Fair Work Guidelines)
  • Emergency Management System
  • Quality Management System
  • Sustainable Management Plan

Nelson Staff Incentive Program

When you work with Nelson, there is a certain expectation of what we want from you to be able to achieve what we want to deliver our clients – which is GOING ABOVE and BEYOND for them. You just don’t join us as an employee, you join the Nelson family which is a key benefit of working for a medium tier company that is owner operated in every aspect of operations. Our staffing mission is simple “You look after your staff well, they look after your clients well”

Staff retention is an undivided focus in our operations as we have learnt that retaining staff who are well exposed to clients have long term intrinsic benefits and directly rewards high productivity and eventually client satisfaction. Nelson staff Recognise and Reward program is a crucial aspect of our aim to maintain long term staff retention.