Our Expertise


We have highly trained staff available that implement Security and Traffic Control Solutions around any Retail, Commercial or Industrial Site.

Nelson is Australia’s leading provider of integrated security and traffic control solutions. We mitigate risk for our customers, staff and the wider community from our core value of safety. For over 20 years we have been committed to fostering the industry’s best internal and operational culture, investing heavily in innovation to ultimately enhance the customer experience. Whether you need front-line security, traffic control management, concierge services, site management or training, Nelson experienced team will deliver the unexpected. We have a depth of expertise in a range of sectors including Transport & Infrastructure, Retail and Asset Operators, Hotels and Holiday Parks, Local Councils, Education, Health and Licensed Pubs, Clubs and Event Operators. With security and traffic control solution management as our core business with a target demographic and service area, we have built a high client and staff retention which is the single most indicator of our business success and future growth.

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Providing professional, quality and consistent service in these areas

We want to work hard and grow alongside our clients


Nelson provides end to end security services to a wide demographic of clients including local councils, construction, hospitality, shopping centres, corporate concierge, asset operators, retail outlets, pubs, clubs and holiday parks including major events.


Nelson has built long commercial relationship with licensed installers of CCTV, Probes, Electronic Card, Iris and Finger Print Systems and Fire and Emergency Alarm Systems that is configured back to our control room with real time escalation. Once an afterhours emergency signal is received and logged, our security and if needed emergency response team is despatched within minutes.


Nelson provides complete Traffic Management Services to clients including local councils, construction, hospitality, shopping centres and major events. We have a team of highly experienced traffic controllers including Traffic Control Planning and Management right from design, approval to implementation.


Nelson has a specialist team of qualified staff that only deals with covert surveillance operations for a wide cross section of clients including some of the largest Insurance companies in Australia. We have over the years “snooped and smoked” a lot of malicious claims and Insider Trading practises for our clients and continue to do so. If you require a private eye on someone, look no further and contact us today.


Nelson is not just your eyes and ears onsite. We also have staff that are specifically trained to manage and execute instore and onsite Loss Prevention procedures that is commonly used by big retail clients during busy periods or posing as shoppers covertly.


Nelson can provide you with a security health check of your premises and where you may find exposure to pilferage and breach in security management systems. We have been successfully engaged in the past by existing clients to carry independent security audits for clients from varied industries.



Our work ethic, management style, highly trained & qualified team can be mobilised within short timeframe to implement security and traffic control solutions for your business needs.
  • Owner Operated Management Style

  • Recognise, Learn and Reward Work Culture

  • Concentrated Services Area

  • Combination of Robust Management System and Work Ethic

Nelson Contract


Step 1: Allocate site manager/ supervisor

Step 2: Initiate site induction and training and Standard Operation Procedure.

Step 3: Allocate appropriate experienced labour force.

Step 4: Online training, induction and all compliance documentation need to be completed and sent to Nelson Administration before commencement of first shift.

Step 5: Area Manager will be monitoring performance and ensuring that procedures such as online incident reporting and Sign on/ sign off is being completed appropriately.

Step 6: Area manager attends all sites to maintain quality assurance, ongoing training and future client needs.


Our Accreditation and Insurances

Security Master Licences

Cm3, Blueglue and Pegasus WHS system Independent Prequalification

Public & Product Liability Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Negligent Key Loss

Care Custody and Control

Workers Compensation Insurance Policy

Supply Nation Certified Accredited